Courses Study Overview

Module Courses – Study Overview

Creative Awareness – Business Management – Bible Study Courses
The above courses are based on a (digital) modular system,
This means that all the Courses have a number modules making up the complete Course.
Each individual Modules cover specific topics related to the Course,
– and together make up a complete Course.

      This modular system brings your course directly to your
                  Smart Phone or Computer,
      thus allowing you to study on- or off-line, as you prefer.

*Study Fees* – Courses & Modules Fees –
Creative Awareness Course
      Complete Course (20 Modules) – Ksh. 2500 – $29
      Registration & Module 1 (only) – Ksh. 250 – $3
Business Management Course
      Complete Course (12 Modules) – Ksh. 2000 – $25
      Registration & Module 1 (only) – Ksh. 250 – $3
Advanced Bible Course
      Complete Course (10x 4 Module Courses) – Ksh. 3000 – $30
      Registration & Course 1 (only) – Ksh. 350 – $4
Foundation Bible Course
      Complete Course (2 X 6 Modules) – Ksh. 600 – $6
Modules only Fees
      Advanced Bible Course – (Ksh. 300 – $4) per Course (4x Modules)
      Business Management Course – (Ksh. 200 – $3) per Module)
      Creative Awareness Course – (Ksh. 200 – $3) per Module)

Course Study overview
Once registered, the first (digital) module is sent to you
-using your chosen Communication platform (Whatsapp or E-mail)
Each Module has an Assignment (questions / review)
to be completed and returned, again using your chosen platform.

      Once your Assignment has been assessed,
      you will receive the assessment
      – as well as your next Module.

There are 2 Registration options
1. Registering for the complete Course.
In this case ALL the modules are sent consecutively
upon the return of completed Assignments.

2. Registering for the first Module only
In this case you need to re-register for every consecutive Module,
– or multiple Modules –
upon the return of the completed Assignment.

A Certificate is awarded on completion,
– using your chosen Communication platform (Whatsapp or E-mail)
                        ————– ————–
We know that you will greatly benefit from these courses
and look forward to receiving your registration.