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1406-01Alfred Godia, Kakamega, Kenya
A few months ago my partner and I were faced with the reality that our company
was going bankrupt. Whatever we tried to turn it around, failed.
In desperation I went to my pastor for help. His immediate response was …
‘we need to pray and hear God’
After praying he told me to listen and do what God says … which I did.

God told me to get involved with the selling of certain machinery,
… which we did with great success.
God also told me that we should make special pallets to use to hire out,
… which we also did with great success!
And slowly but surely our business started to turned around.
At the same time God gave us favour with the Revenue Authorities,
where we were giving an extension on unpaid taxes.

Today I can only say that I have firsthand experience, that if you make God
part of your business, things change and things grow.

Thank you Pastor Jan for bringing this valuable information and Businessman’s
Course to Kakamega, and I am going to be first to sign up for this course in
Business Management by Covenant Ministries & Coaching4life,
… today!

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