Are we ALL equal

                                        … or different?

Are we all equal? … of course we are!
Are we all different? … for sure we are!

      Are men and women really equal?
      … of course they are
      … and should be treated as such.
      We are and therefore should all be
      … equal before the law,
      and should all have the same possibilities,
      … and also the same opportunities!

But, are we all the same?
… Of course not!
Not only do our physical differences tell us that,
but also our differing abilities or capabilities.
However …
neither our differing abilities or capabilities,
.. nor our physical differences
disqualify us from all being equal.

      Praise God that He did not create robots,
      … but beautiful unique individuals
      that are equal before Him in love!

      there is no partiality of persons with Him.
      Eph 6 9

And so should you also see yourself
… as you truly are
different, special, uniquely YOU!

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