… take it!

Air is free
… but you have to breathe it (yourself).
As Jesus said to us,

      I have come that they may have life,
      and that they may have it more abundantly.
      John 10 10

Life is available,
… but it is up to us to take hold of that life in Jesus,
… to use the abilities we have been given
and to live the potential God has provided for us.

      However, God not only gave us abilities,
      … He also gave us responsibilities.
      As with the air, although it is free,
      … what am I doing with it?
      Am I using it or abusing it.

If I do not use the abilities that I have been given,
… I will NOT benefit in the way I should!
If I don’t creatively use and develop the potential I have,
… I will not touch the lives of others as I should!
And …
if I don’t care how I use or even abuse what I have,
… the potential given me will be lost!

      In other words,
      We need to use our special creative abilities
      … that we have from God,
      and walk in the fullness of life that is available to us.

Air is free!
Abilities are free!
Wisdom is free!
Success is free!

      They are all there in Jesus …
      So, what about taking and using what is yours!


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