Wanna be …

                                          … successful?

Want to be all that you were created to be?
Want to be able, creative and successful?

Of course we should ask God for help,
… however the Apostle wrote this in his epistle,

      But do you want to know, O foolish man,
      that faith without works is dead?
      James 2 20

God put abilities and creativity in us.
It is however not His responsibility to make them work,
… but it is our responsibility to activate them in our lives!

      We need to respond to the abilities God put in us.
      We need to add the works to those abilities.
      Abilities that have all the potential that God put in them,
      … but whether they are of benefit to us,
      … is in our hands!

You have to get personally involved
… and actively use those abilities you have.
… what you have in you,
… will be of no benefit to you!

      You have it,
      … it’s yours,
      put it to work!


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