… why indeed?

What is the most important,
… and at the same time the most irritating question?
In fact, it is probably the first question children ask.
Indeed, why?

This world is full of information,
… but just having information
… and not knowing why or how to use it,
renders the information meaningless or useless!

      To be able to live a meaningful life,
      … you need to know why you are living!
      To be able to develop, to progress, to achieve,
      … you need to know how and what to do!

Therefore, as you can learn from a little child,
… don’t be proud and don’t be a wise guy,

      Ask questions so you will know why,
      … ask questions so you will find out how,
      and your answers will be meaningful,
      … and your actions will be fruitful.

      Ask, and it will be given to you;
      seek, and you will find;
      knock, and it will be opened to you.
      Matt 7:7


What limits you

                                … is not what you don’t have!

It is NOT about what you don’t have.

      What limits or hinders your progress or success in life,
      … is not about what you don’t have,
      but about not using what you do have!

Therefore you need to know,
… what resources, opportunities and abilities you have,
and also,
how to creatively use the resources that you have!

      In other words,
      … don’t let what is known or normal be your yardstick,
      but always and in everything look past the known,
      … beyond what is usual or normal,
      for ways of using what you have and what you know,
      … and for new solutions or answers outside the norm or expected!

Don’t let what is known limit your thinking,
… but let that creativity that is in you
take you from where you are,
… with what you have in your hands.
to something different, something special, something NEW!