Murphy’s Law

                                          … the way to go!

Have you noticed, in most any or every crisis
… Murphy is not phased at all
… and his laws still work!

      For those who don’t know Murphy’s Law
      basically, it is …
      If it can go wrong, it will go wrong.
      that’s not the way it supposed to be!

So, what is Murphy’s secret?
Don’t be the way others think you should be!
Don’t do what others expect you to do!
But …
simply be DIFFERENT!

How does that work?

      Don’t expect things to always be the same,
      … expect change,
      … look for change,
      … look for development, for growth,
      … expect increase, blessing and peace.
      Expect God!

So how can I do that?

      And do not be conformed to this world,
      but be transformed by the renewing of your mind,
      that you may prove what is that good
      and acceptable and perfect will of God.
      Rom 12 2



                                      … are YOU ready?

This world wants change,
and everyone knows this world needs real change,
… socially, environmentally, economically and politically.

Yet most everyone is waiting for the others to change!

      We all want things to change,
      … but if we are honest with ourselves,
      … we don’t really want to change!

Why is it so difficult to take the initiative to change?

      Since the time of Adam and Eve
      … we put the blame on others,
      and expect the other person to change!

Why are we so afraid of change?

      We are afraid to lose what we have (or what has us).
      Therefore we hold on to our security,
      … to what we are used to,
      and what we believe we can control.

That is why change is so elusive!

      So, if YOU want things to change,
      … get ready to change YOU!



                                                       … my life!

We are quick to look at things in our lives
… that may have affected us negatively,
… that may have limited us or caused us harm,
and then blame others for what has happened,
… and blame them for the way you are now!

      My parents did or didn’t do this or that,
      … it is their fault that my life is the way it is.
      My teacher never advised me correctly,
      … and friends have let me down.

Even if all of that is true,
even if they say they are sorry
and ask you to forgive them,
… it is not going to change what happened,
it is not going to change your life.

Everyone you are blaming
has had to deal with similar issues
in their lives, in their families and their circumstances.
You are not alone!

      Are you really different?
      … will you bring up your children perfectly?
      Are you treating your friends and family
      … better than you expect to be treated?

No one is perfect,
… but we all have the potential to change.
However it will not happen
… because of what others do or don’t do,
but only by what I do in my life!

      Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health,
      just as your soul prospers.
      3 John 1:2


Adding value

                                     … to life!

You don’t change someone’s life,
… their economic or social status, or their future
… by giving them supplies or equipment to work with.
You change someone’s life by teaching them skills
… and helping them work with the things they do have!

You don’t uplift someone’s quality of life
… by giving them clothes, food etc.,
You change someone’s life by showing them value,
… value in self.

You don’t change a community
… by giving them a borehole, a school etc.,
You change a community by teaching them value in others,

      Sure all those opportunities and resources
      … are extremely useful, even needed,
      but they have to add to, not be in place of.
      The value that there is in those things,
      … are of no real value,
      unless they add to the real value of the receiver.

It’s like setting a table with shiny cutlery and plates,
… preparing a gourmet sauce and desert,
but without any meat or vegetable to eat.

      Quality and quantity, food and its presentation have their place,
      but they only fill a stomach, they don’t change a life.

      Real value is in what people can do for themselves,
      … what they can achieve with what they have.

Show them their value and the value of where they are,
then help THEM develop what is in their hands!

What just happened?

                   Some think ahead, others, without a’head’!

In life things do go wrong,
… and don’t always go as planned,
but trying to change what has happened,
… is a total waste of time!

      Don’t think about what has happened,
      … but think about what lies ahead!

      The past does not see the future!
      The past is stagnant and unchangeable!
      The past is PAST! – (leave it where it is!)

Don’t allow past problems or failures,
… which you cannot change anyway,
to control or shape your future!

If you want a change, make a change!
Look at the challenges that are ahead,
… and decide how to deal with what is coming!

      The future is dynamic.
      The future is full of untapped potential,
      … potential that is at your disposal,
      to influence and shape what is before you!

Look ahead and think ahead,
… learn from the past,
but leave it behind!

Fixing a problem.

You can’t fix a problem,
… by imposing a solution!
You can’t fix a problem,
… by changing direction!

    Just fixing the result of a problem,
    … does not eliminate the problem,
    but simply makes the problem a permanent ‘fixture’.

Only by dealing with what led to the problem in the first place,
… will you effectively deal with the actual problem,
and avoid landing up with the same problem again.

    Change your actions,
    … and you will change your situation.

Want your life to change?

Want your life to change?
… Learn to trust.

The question is not, what shall I trust?
But, whom can I trust?

      It is not about having to rely on others,
      because you rely on things,
      … but you trust a person!
      It is not about being dependant on others,
      … it is being able to depend on others!

To be able to trust and depend on someone,
… you need to get to know that someone!
It’s not about what others say about someone,
… it’s about what YOU know about that someone!
It is about a relationship!

      You cannot trust someone you don’t know,
      and you cannot know someone
      … you have not spent time with!

Want your life to change?
… Learn to trust,
by reaching out to others!

Change your perception…

Stop that negative thinking!

So easily and so often the negative comes first to our thoughts!
… negative things that may happen,
… negative things that others may think of us,
… negative things that others may hold against us!
Even though there is no actual proof or reason to think like that!

      When someone has said something to you,
      … that sounded like a judgement,
      … or even a mere suggestion perhaps,
      then every time you think of that person after that,
      … you see him in a negative light.

Start being positive,

      Start thinking about what is right,
      … what you would like others to think of you.
      See yourself in a positive light,
      … in a way that would draw others to you!

      … even if they are not positive when you meet,
      … it does not matter because you are positive,
      and therefore not negatively influenced by them!

Change your perception, your thinking.
Start influencing your own environment and encounters,
… your future, your mood, your expectations,
by knowing what you want and will accept,
so that no one else’s negativity will influence you!

Invest in yourself …

Invest in yourself by investing in others!

      Change your view point,
      … change the way you look at things!
      Evaluate (question) your expectations,
      … and it will change your life!

      Change starts on the inside,
      … and its result is on the outside!

Examine yourself,
… your thinking, your ambitions, your expectations.
Consider what you can do to change the circumstances,
… what you can do to change the situation you find yourself in!
And determine how you can increase the available potential!

      Change what you’re doing where you are,
      … and it will change where you’re going!

      Change your perception and way of thinking,
      … from expecting to investing!

A Resolution …

1500 New Year

We make New Year’s resolutions every year,
… and often even the same ones.
Yet as easy as resolutions are to make,
… they are not as easy to keep!

      Why is that so?
      Because resolutions involve change,
      … and change is never easy,
      particularly when it is about changing yourself!

So, to avoid making the same resolutions over again,
… that you are unlikely to keep or even able to keep,
why not make a New Year’s resolution you can keep!

      A resolution that will make the change for you,
      A resolution that will cause the change in you!
      A resolution that will change how you see yourself!

Simply resolve to see yourself as,
the you, you would like to be!
      … successful
      … resolute
      … positive
      … strong
      … loving
      … forgiving
      … considerate

Don’t start by trying to be it,
just start by beginning to see it!

      Change the way you see yourself,
      … and as you do,
      … your thoughts & words will turn into actions,
      and you’ll start living your New Year’s Resolution!