Setting Priorities

                                       … and stop negativity!

Time to stop being double minded!

For instance…
If you want or need a new smart phone,
… what do you do?

      You go online and surf the net,
      … to find out all you can about what is available,
      … to find which one will benefit you the most!
      Then you will find the best place and the best deal,
      … and get yourself the best for you!

However when a personal issue comes up,
… a strained relationship or health issue,
… sudden pain somewhere in your body,
what do you do?

      You take your super new smart phone,
      … and do the dumbest thing ever,
      You go surf the internet for hours,
      to find whatever could in any way be wrong,
      … looking for every possible negative cause,
      … with serious or life threatening results
      when more than likely there is no real cause!

Stop surfing hell – start surfing heaven!
– Google God –
Open His App – and enter Jer 33 3

      Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you
      great and mighty things, which you do not know.
      Jeremiah 33 3

And get real smart answers on your smart phone,
… that will give you the smart solution to your every situation.

What is missing?

                             … or are we missing something?

All around us there is so much evidence
… of all that mankind is capable of.
But if Man is so able, so specially gifted,
then …

      Why does it seem that so many lives are meaningless?
      Why does it seem that not everyone has these unique abilities?
      Why is it that only a few seem to impact their environment?
      Are we missing something?

What is MISSING is …
Man’s active involvement!

The reality of life is that …

      Although Man possesses unique abilities, creative abilities,
      … these, like any potential, have to be recognised and developed!
      Another reality is that man has a FREE will,
      … the unique right and responsibility to have to choose.
      Therefore …
      before Man’s unique abilities become real in his life,
      … Man has to use that free will, the freedom of choice,
      to both recognise and activate those unique abilities,
      … without which all those possibilities remain untapped!

So it is up to me to both accept that I am special,
… and to recognise that I also have special, God given abilities,
and to take the responsibility to use my abilities,
… that will make my life not only meaningful
but also FRUITFUL!

Responsible power…

                             … will achieve what it was sent to do!

In any group, company, movement or country,
the voice of the people and their position, is always an issue.
So also in educational institutes such as universities, colleges etc.
… people power is being demanded more and more.

      Individuals and unions everywhere are all demanding more say,
      … and thus more power in the decision making process.
      Is there anything wrong with those demands?
      Is there any reason why they should not be given more power?

In basics, No!
But there is something about that little word POWER
… that needs consideration before it is given free reign!

What is wrong or dangerous about that little word POWER?
Mainly in this that it is not about ability, but enforceability!

      Power, instead of being a force within, is normally used as a force over,
      … and therefore is all about enforcing the will of the one in power!
      … and thus has little to do with what is meant to be beneficial to others!
      This phenomena is found in managerial, political and social positions!
      … where the position has become all about self,
      … and what self sees and believes will be best for others!

Should one therefore not have such positions?
Certainly one should,
… but it is time to clarify and define the conditions!

      Any position of influence, whether it is for students, managers or politicians,
      … must be founded on the reality of what that position is really about,
      which is responsibility for, and not power over!
      Responsibility is about doing something for the good of others,
      … not telling them what to do, but showing a better way,
      … with the final decision in the hands of those
      who provided that position of responsibility in the first place!


His will…

                                 be done on earth!

      If you ask anyone what heaven is like,
      they will tell you it’s paradise where everything is perfect,
      … where there’s no sickness, poverty or anything else that is negative!

      However, when something wrong happens, something bad occurs,
      … such as a natural disaster, sickness or a loved one dies,
      we are quick to say it was God’s will that it happened,
      … and even pray ‘God, your will be done’.

Doesn’t the Bible teach us that?
What Jesus actually said was …

      Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.
      Matt 6:10

If God’s will for our lives here on earth,
… is meant to be the same as it is in heaven,
then surely there is no place or plan for anything negative!

However, for God’s will to manifest on earth, as it is in heaven,
… is not God’s decision, but our decision!
What do you want to have happen in your life?
Do you want things in your life to be the way they are in heaven?
Then stop blaming God for what is wrong,
… and start speaking of things the way God says they should be!

      If you make God your source,
      … then the way things are where He is,
      will become the way things are where you are!
      The decision is yours,
      … is it His way or your way?

Right or Wrong?

           What is Right, what is Wrong?
             What is Good, what is Evil?


How do you know what is right and what is wrong?

      Maybe our parents weren’t the best examples.
      Maybe our friends are also not the best examples.
      Social media has proven itself as not being a sure source.
      And with all the misrepresentation and manipulation,
      … what media can you trust
      … to truly tell you what is good and what is bad?

So, how can we know?

There is one sure source, God,
… who said this to us,

      For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord,
      thoughts of peace (shalom*) and not of evil,
      to give you a future and a hope.
      Jer 29:11

God knows the difference between good and evil.
So how will you find out? … Ask God!

      Call to Me, and I will answer you,
      and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know.
      Jer 33:3

Find out what God has to say about what is right and what is wrong,
… follow His instructions, His standard,
and you will know what is right,
and you will make the right choice, and live!

      * Shalom – health, wellness, prosperity, peace.

Who is responsible?

      Is God responsible for everything,
      … good and bad?


      God is God, of that there is no argument
      but is God therefore also responsible for everything,
      … for all the good that happens in our lives
      … and for all the bad that happens in this world?

Let us just for one minute assume that God is responsible,
… that He is the one who causes or allows the good and the bad,
would that therefore mean,
that I can blame God for what goes wrong in my life?

Well let’s see what God did when He made man.
Physically man is like any other living creature, flesh and bone.
However there is one very specific difference,
God not only gave man life but also a FREE WILL!
What does this mean?

      It simply means that man can choose what he allows in his life,
      … and because it is God who gave man that special ability,
      it means that it is in man’s hands what happens in man’s life,
      … not just as far as the natural is concerned,
      … but also as far as God is concerned!
      Man not only has the ability to choose, but also
      … the responsibility to decide to either accept or reject,
      … the good or bad, irrespective of where it comes from!

So how does this work, in my life?

      If the good I believe I should have, but don’t have,
      … I better find out from God what to do,
      … and His way of laying hold of those blessings!

      If things are going wrong in my life,
      … I better find out from God what to do to avoid the bad,
      … and His way of dealing with what is wrong!

      I call heaven and earth as witnesses today against you,
      that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing;
      therefore choose life, that both you and your descendants may live;
      Deut 30:19


Why is nothing happening?

      If nothing is happening …
      it’s because you’re doing nothing,
      … or you’re doing it wrong!

Why does it so often seem that nothing is happening?

      You did everything you know to do.
      You even prayed and believed that you received,
      … but nothing happened!

Unless you put something in,
… there is no chance of anything happening,
… there will also be no fruit, no harvest,
and certainly no possibility of any increase.

      But, I have put so much effort in!
      … I have worked as hard as I can.
      … I have even put money into it.
      Yet, nothing happens!

Well, there is a sure principle that governs increase on earth,
seedtime and harvest!
You may well say, but I have sown, I have put something in,
yet there is no harvest!
Have you really sown,
or have you just tried to buy yourself a harvest?

      The foundation principle of sowing, ask any farmer,
      … is NOT what you put in for yourself!
      A farmer plants for the benefit of others,
      … and it is out of the increase through that harvest (for others)
      that he reaps his personal harvest and increase!

It is not just what you put in, but why you put it in.
If it’s just for yourself,
… your harvest is limited to self!
If it is for the benefit and increase of others,
… then your harvest, your increase,
is measured by those it was put in for!

      If you put in more than just for you only,
      … your increase will be measured by the more you put in!


Opposing what’s wrong

      Accusations and judgement change nothing,
      … but what you live – does!

All around the world people are under pressure,
… life is cheap, human rights are ignored,
… the economy is in a mess and greed is rife!

      Daily there are negative reports and even proof of atrocities,
      … with peoples and governments blaming each other!
      Nothing is getting better, but rather worse!

What can or should be done to correct that?

      Accusations of wrong doing and political wrangling,
      … have proven that they do not help!
      Why do they not help?
      Quite simply because two wrongs don’t make a right!

Taking responsibility is where the solution begins,
… but taking responsibility is not about knowing what’s right,
… nor is it about telling others what they should or should not do.
Taking responsibility is about YOU doing what is right,
… regardless of what others say or do.

      It is time to become single minded,
      … and to take some positive action.
      Not distracted by the wrong doing of others,
      … or waiting for them to change,
      BUT to start DOING what is right!

History has proven that no one learns from accusations,
and no one changes because of judgements,
… the jails are full of proof thereof.

      What has the potential to change people?
      What has the potential to change situations?

      When we start showing others what is possible,
      … not by what we say,
      but by living and DOING what is right!


Ruling in life


God gave man dominion on this earth,
… and over everything on this earth (except over is fellowman).
In other words,
… God gave man dominion over circumstances,
… over situations and even over time,
telling man to be productive, use the resources,
… and to make things work as they were created to work.
A unique being!

    However, a closer look at this unique man,
    … reveals that man in himself has no real power.
    How is it that God gave man this position of responsibility,
    … yet seemingly without giving man the power to do so?
    Because God made man to have to rely on Him,
    … to draw the power he needs from God.

If you don’t make God your source, your strength,
… but you decide how things should go,
… you decide the time, the place, and the result you want,
and things do not work out as you planned or expected,
… then don’t go cry to God,
… and ask God why he did not help.
God’s answer to you will simply be, that
… you did not ask for His help,

… and you decided how everything should work.

    God is always there and willing to be our strength – (2 Cor.12:9)
    and God is always ready to answer and show us the way – (Jer.33:3)
    But we have to ask and we have to listen(James 4:2, Deut.28:1-2)

So what does God want out of this deal?
Only that we would live that life He created us to live,
… in relationship and covenant with Him,
in which He is God and we are His special creation.

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Successful leadership


Having brilliant ideas or plentiful resources,
… does not guarantee good or successful leadership.
How those ideas and resources are implemented and used,
… is when good leadership is revealed!

     The characteristics that are fundamental to leadership,
     … whether in a team, at work or in government,
     and without which there is no true leadership,
     … are integrity and TRUST.

How do you gender trust?

     … By being consistent in your actions,
     … and taking responsibility for your decisions.
     By honest communication,
     … and keeping your promises.
     Not being negative or belittling others,
     … but being open to others and ready to listen.
     And in all your doing, setting realistic goals.

What fosters and develops these qualities?


     What value are you bringing with you?
     What value can you add to that position?

     If you value those you work for,
     … and those you work with,
     if your decisions consider their well-being,
     … and consider their future,
     your leadership will be successful,
     … because it can be trusted.