Eternity now!

Considering that eternity is the timeless … now,
          see blog on eternity …
How does this impact on my life … now?

          It opens a vast array of opportunities!
          Just think of it … now is forever!
          Anything that is possible for me to do,
          … I can do now!
          I have all of now to do everything!
          In fact I have the unlimited now to do anything!

What a potential and opportunities,
… and so many possibilities available to me.
However, at the same time it’s an awesome thought,
… NOW!

As important or awesome the potential in the now is,
… so also is the reality of NOW!
The reality that now is all that I have.

          What I don’t do NOW, I may never do,
          … because the only time I have is NOW!
          And is what determines what I will be or have,
          … in the now I am living!

If I want to live a successful, prosperous and full life,
then, what I do now is of utmost importance,
because NOW is in fact the only TIME I have.