The impossible becomes possible

                             … when need becomes desire!

When lack or need becomes want or desire,
… what seemed to be impossible becomes possible!

Why? How?
      Need is always about expectations,
      … about waiting for others to act,
      … for others to do so that you will benefit!

      Desire on the other hand
      … puts the onus on you to act.
      Desire motivates you to do something about that need!
      … and makes you responsible to act on your own behalf.

Stop needing and start seeding,
… start putting something in,
so that those answers can come out!

But, I don’t have the resources to accomplish my dream!

All the more reason to formulise your desire,
to make it real in your mind, in your thinking,
… so that you can share it with others.
Most people want to be part of whatever has potential,
and finding help with what you are willing to invest in
… is not a problem.
Even God is waiting to help!

      God will bless … all to which you set your hand,
      Deut 28 8

In fact God says that He will, and He does…

      Now may He who supplies seed to the sower,
      and bread for food,
      supply and multiply the seed you have sown
      and increase the fruits of your righteousness
      2 Cor 9 10


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